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Community-Based Conservation of East Himalayan Yew in western mid-hills of Nepal.

Endangered gymnosperm ‘East Himalayan Yew (Taxus wallichiana Zucc.)’ had been heavily exploited all around the range for its’ leaves and bark to produce a chemical called ‘taxol’ which is used to produce the anti-cancer drug ‘paclitaxel’. Along with the unsustainable harvesting of leaves and bark, cutting of trees for timber and firewood, grazing, and forest […]
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From weed to Cash: Bio-briquette production to manage Mikania Micrantha infestation.

Title: Initiating community-based bio briquette production to manage the invasion of mile-a-minute weed (Mikania micrantha) on community-managed buffer zone area of Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Project timeline: September 2020 to September 2021 Donor: Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection, Netherland. ( Project leader: Arjun Bhusal Background Chitwan National Park is located at Southern Central […]
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Jalthal Forest Conservation and Management Plan

Jalthal, a subtropical forest covers an area of 6000 hectare remnant moist tropical forest of Southeast Nepal, which is the only remaining patch of the moist tropical forest of the country. The forest provides diverse ecosystems (lakes, rivers, forest, grasslands, and hillocks) with several threatened floras (Artocarpus chaplasha Roxb., Cycas pectinata, Magnolia champaca, Rauvolfia serpentina, […]
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